Power Distribution Cabinet

Power Distribution Cabinet


Power Distribution Cabinet


The DPF33J/D distribution cabinet is mainly used in the distribution and protection of data center equipment, refrigeration equipment, lighting and other equipment. It provides safe and reliable power supply for the electrical equipment, and plays the role of protection, monitoring and warning for power supply lines.


  1. It supports both AC and DC power supplies

  2. The product adopt famous brand switch devices and is equipped with lightning protector, and the electrical performance is fully checked

  3. Intelligent monitoring, equipped with 4.3 Inch touch screen / intelligent meter, being able to detect the total current, power, capacity and state of all output branches

  4. The frame is a welded or assembled steel plate structure. The surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, with fine design, excellent processing, good safety and high reliability

  5. The product has perfect quality certification, TLC certification and seismic test certification


  • Data center

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