HM-MDC Modular Data Center

HM-MDC Modular Data Center


HM-MDC Modular Data Center


HM-MDC Modular Data Center Solutions is a new generation infrastructure solution for large and medium sized data center. HM-MDC adopts highly integrated design, which integrates subsystems such as cabinet, power supply, refrigeration, cabling and control system, and supports the flexible layout of single or double rows of enclosed cold and hot air channels.


  1. Single/dual channel power supply can be selected; whose highest reliability is Tier IV grade; it supports temperature monitoring of precision distribution branch to prevent connection loosing and heating problem caused by it

  2. Monitoring components statuses such as expiration, aging, damage repair

  3. The entrance guard of the passageway/cabinet is optional, so the security of the machine room is guaranteed

  4. AU (access unit) refrigeration, effectively eliminating local hot spots and supporting high density deployment

  5. Design of enclosed passage, isolating cold and hot air , PUE1.5

  6. local / remote micro module monitoring, operating and maintaining by APP

  7. Standardized components, modularized framework, quick on-demand matching and deployment of tasks


  • Single module: total power suggested less than 200 KVA, scene area greater than 50 meters, used as small or medium sized data center, or applied for branches of large enterprises.

  • Multimodule: Construction of large and medium sized data centers, cloud data centers, to meet the deployment needs from ISP, government, education, health care, finance, telecommunications, energy and other industries

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