MPO-1U Patch Panel

MPO-1U Patch Panel


MPO-1U Patch Panel


MPO 1U patch panel is used in data center cabling region, and connected the ports with cable to the back of the panel. it is usually assembled in 19 inch frame rack and cabinet. You can assemble MPO cassette、MPO adapter panel and LC adapter panel.


  1. It is used to manage the laying of pre-terminated trunk cables. It can be equipped with MPO module, MPO-LC module switch, LC module, and 4 modules per chassis

  2. 1U height can accommodate 96 core (LC port) or 288 core (MPO port), easy to upgrade, multi-cores, high utilization

  3. Standard 19-inch installation, flexible wiring, easy installation, easy maintenance, efficient construction

  4. The box is made of high-quality cold-rolled plates, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with beautiful appearance


  • Data center

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