GXF5-67 Cross Connection Cabinet

GXF5-67 Cross Connection Cabinet


GXF5-67 Cross Connection Cabinet


GXF5-67 fiber optic cross connection cabinet (in short : CCC) is an outdoor fiber optic distribution equipment designed specifically for fiber optic fiber connection point between fiber optic primary cable and distribution cable.


  1. Full-closed cabinet, dust-proof, good appearance

  2. Bending radius is kept greater than 40mm

  3. It can accept ribbon or bunchy cables at the same cabinet

  4. Safe and reliable cable storage and protection function

  5. Clear marks, each fiber with clear marks for the distribution and splicing

  6. Module design, each module can be drawn individually, ease of installation and maintenance

  7. Easy use for cable striping-off, fixation, earth connection


  • FTTH

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