MPO Trunk Cable

MPO Trunk Cable


MPO Trunk Cable


The connector of MPO optical fiber jumper is precisely connected with the guide pin and holes with a diameter of 0.7mm on the end face of the ferrule. MPO connectors and fiber optic cables can be processed to produce various forms of MPO jumpers. MPO jumpers can be designed with 2 to 12 cores, up to 24 cores. At present, the most commonly used MPO connectors are 12 cores. The compact design of MPO connector can realize the production of high-density jumpers. MPO jumpers are widely used in the environment of high density integrated optical fiber lines, FTTX and 40/100GSFP, SFP + transceiver modules, or in the connection of internal and external devices.


  1. Use MPO connector to provide 12- to 144-core high-density fiber connections

  2. Use pre-connections to make it easier for the network moving, adding, and changing

  3. Just a simple plug-in operation can complete the installation

  4. The use of a small-diameter round cable can maximize the air circulation in the data center and effectively control heat to save energy

  5. All products are pre-terminated in the factory, 100% dedicated instrument testing, no welding, reducing wastages


  • Data center

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